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Every month, Soundation’s online music studio is used by over 100,000 creatives who produce music directly in their web browsers. Focusing on building the next-generation music software for newcoming music producers with high ambitions, Soundation offers a one-stop shop, including a multiplayer DAW, a vibrant online community, and learning tools. ...

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Emily McGee
(646) 921-0483

The Flexible, Simple & Collaborative Online Music Studio For Schools In 2023: Soundation Education

Soundation will launch Soundation Education in January 2023, but schools and teachers can get set up now for the Spring semester. Students get Soundation for free, with schools paying based on the number of teachers using the tool.

Online music production tool Soundation presents Soundation Education, an affordable, easy to learn online music studio for schools that looks and feels like a real studio session. Students can collaborate in groups with other classmates on projects that are all safely and securely stored in the cloud and accessible to the teacher, while the teacher can prepare templates and lessons to distribute to their students’ accounts.

Soundation offers a refreshing, real-life learning experience that is engaging and relevant for students interested in producing music. Teachers and students can take advantage of Soundation’s extensive production toolset, including Beatmaker, audio effects, virtual instruments, real-time collaboration, loops and samples, recording and uploading audio, MIDI capabilities, plugins, and more. Soundation is available from desktop and laptop devices with Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers and is based in the cloud, so students can access it from home, as well as the devices provided by their school, regardless of what operating system they use.

“I have over 100 students across six sections of music appreciation, so Soundation is by far the most affordable option for me to bring digital music-making to my classroom,” says Maia Finkel, Choral & General Music Teacher. “The ability to assign templates is useful for giving students prompts and guidelines that allow them to express their creativity in a structured and focused manner, and the ability to create collaborative groups will help my students engage with one another to make music in a new and innovative way. I believe that using this software will make my curriculum more culturally relevant for my students, and will spark even more excitement in their music education!”

As one of the best ways to begin learning music production, Soundation is suitable for all grade and experience levels. Students can start with the basics, creating a looped sequence by highlighting blocks on the Beatmaker interface, and add new tools as they develop their skill-set. Users who have begun their production journey on Soundation and transitioned to a traditional desktop DAW have found it to be most helpful in preparing them for this next step. 

“We hope to become the go-to education solution for schools and teachers interested in incorporating music production into their curriculum,” says Soundation CEO Adam Hasslert. “Our studio helps producers and musicians make better music, with the perfect application for teachers needing a collaborative and secure hub to inspire their students with digital music creation.”

Soundation Education was built to be safe and controlled for student learning. Data is protected and collaboration can only occur within teacher-controlled groups. Soundation Education is compliant with COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR. Classroom learning is affordable with Soundation, as they utilize a unique price structure that bills by teacher instead of by student or account.

“Students can discover the magic of music making, guided by their teachers and supported by our team here at Soundation. It’s all here and ready to inspire the next generation of music producers,” adds Hasslert.